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Do you work for Publix Associate? Then Publix Passport is the employee login portal which you must aware of. Yes, www publix org is the online web portal which is specially designed by the publix associate for all its employees to Plan monthly events, Schedule the events, Check the Statements of the pay, Transaction Details, Benefits Offered and all HR Related issues at one single place.If you are a newly joined member in the Publix family then don’t be late, learn detailed information on Publix Passport and Complete Guide on Publix Passport Login.

Publix Associate Complete Guide:

Publix is one of the oldest chain retailing industries of the nation which stepped it’s feet in the retailing world in the year 1930 with it’s headquarters at Lakeland, Florida, US.Founder of Publix Associate is George W.Jenkins.Today Publix has more than 1140 stores all over the nation, Where Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina use the services of Publix Associate the most. Publix Associates also has a very huge number of employees,Nearly 200,000 employees are working for Publix as on date.

To Make the employees more comfortable Publix Associate have launched publix org official portal and Made an easy way to Publix Passport Login and know the benefits for Employees.

Publix Passport:

Many of the newly joined employees of Publix Organisation might have confusion about Publix Passport and what does it mean.Here is the answer for that, Publix Passport is nothing but a employee Id of the organisation where each and every employee will be given Publix Passport or Publix Employee ID at the time of joining by the HR in charge or by the General Manager of the store.Employee will be treated as Publix Family only if they have Publix Passport.

Why Publix Passport?

Publix Passport helps the employee to login publix official web portal www.publix.org and allows the employee to know the Benefits offered by the Organisation, plan monthly events, Schedule the events, Check Pay, Generate Pay Rolls, Transaction Details and Manage all HR related issues at one place. www publix org not only allows the employee to know the benefits offered by the company but also allows to check the eligility of the benefits and apply for the benefits online.

What are The Benefits Offered By Publix Passport Login:

Publix is the organization which provides benefits not only for the Present Employees of the Publix Associate but also for the Retired and Former employees of the organization. Yes, every one can check the benefits offered by Publix and check the eligibility.If any individual is eligible for the benefit offered then they can Login Publix Passport (If Currently Working) or Meet The HR In Charge (If Former or Retired) to apply the benefit.

Generally, Publix have provided five types of benefits for all the employees of Publix Group.Based on the position of the employee and other eligibilities one can apply the benefit.Here we are providing the list of Benefits offered and Types of Benefits by Publix Organisation.

Publix Passport, Health and Well Being:

This is the first type of benefit offered by Publix Associate which mainly deals with all health and insurance related issues of the employee as follows.

  • Life Inspired Program.
  • Blue Cross Blue Sheild (BCBS) PPO Plan
  • BCBS Preventive Benefits Covered
  • BCBS Health Management Programe
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Prescription and Medication Resources

www.publix.org Financial Resources:

Financial Resource by Publix org helps the employee to know the detailed information on Retirement Benefits, PF Related issues and Charity related issues as follows.

  • 401(K) Smart Plan
  • Publix Employee Federal Credit Union (PEFCU)
  • Supplemental Life Insurance Plan
  • Publix Charities Matching Gift Program.

Publix.org Apparel and Merchandise:

This Benefit mainly deals with employee Dress Code, Safety Shoes etc…One can apply this benefit for every 6 months as per the company norms.

Here are the list of benefits provided by Publix in Apparel and Merchandise type.

  • Publix Deli Online Easy ordering
  • BARM Merchandise
  • Retail Dress Code
  • Support Dress Code
  • Safety Shoes
  • Personal Plan Discount Program
  • Publix Company Store
  • Publix Vehicle Purchase Program
  • Used Equipment Online Auction

Publix org Career and Self Development:

Carrer and Self Development by Publix will helps the employee in knowing the new emloyment opportunities and join training centers.

The below listed four benefits comes under Career and Self Develop-ment

  • Publix Support job centers
  • Adult Education Request
  • GED Reimbursement Request
  • Tution Reimbursement.

Publix Passport Work Resource Benefit:

Work Resource is the last type of benefit offered by Publix associate which mainly deals with all the emergency information for the employees of Publix as follows.

  • Publix outlook Web app
  • Publix Citrix Website
  • Publix Emergency Infoline
  • The Showcase
  • Federal and State Required postings.

How To Login Publix Passport:

Once you got a clear idea on the benefits offered by Publix Associate it is just a step away to apply Publix Passport Benefits by Publix Passport Login.It is very easy to Login Publix Passport just follow the step by step information and guidance given below.

  • Visit www.publix.org
  • You will Be Navigated to Official Page of Publix.
  • On the Left side of the screen you can see Log in Box.
  • Enter User name
  • Enter Password.
  • Click on Login.
  • You will be directed to Publix Passport Login Account with in no time.
  • If You Forgot Password.
  • Then Enter User name in the Login Box.
  • Click on Forgot Password and
  • Complete the Procedure asked.
  • With In No Time You can Recover Forgot Publix Passport Password.

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